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Performing sexual favors or acts while in or on a car. Most often used when describing actions taking place on the back seat. Can be used to describe acts by a man or a woman.
"Mark gave Jenny a park job in the back of his Toyota."
by Jaie June 08, 2007
When a guy parks his car, and a girl gives him a blowjob.
Tucker: "Kevin totally gave me a Park Job yesterday."

Emily: "ho."
by cheenzasm December 06, 2008
When you park your car then get a blowjob.
"Kevin got a hell of a parkjob last night."

"Sorry I'm late. I ran to WaWa and got a parkjob."
by rickdick December 09, 2008
A blowjob in a car that is standing in a parking lot.
Give me a parkjob, bitch
by parkjobbitches April 05, 2014
When a man is having sex with a woman and he inserts his dick in and leaves it there, no thrusting required, ocassionally doing one thrust.
"Yeah dude, I gave Sandy this wicked parkjob and she slapped me."
by Hans The Sex Robot September 28, 2005
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