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Park & Pipe Rats are persons who spend their days skiing and riding the Park and Pipe features at a ski resort and waste precious lift line space for real skiers and snow riders.

Park & Pipe Rats speak the language of dude-speak and are known for their dude-tude attitude towards the general skiing and snowboarding public.

Easily spotted by their tall tee's, pants hanging half-way off their asses and Bruno style hair cuts, male Park & Pipe Rats are dangerous to both young women and cougars alike.
Jib Slice and the rest of his Park & Pipe Rats buddies have poached more cougars at this ski hill than the ski instructors.

Those Park & Pipe Rats look like they shop at the Big and Tall store. All upper body and really short legs. That's what makes them so good at cougar hunting, I guess?!?
by Jib Slice May 13, 2010
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