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People who claim your childhood and make your life hell.

They can be fucking assholes sometimes and perfect angels others.

Make sure u clean yr room!
"Clean your fucking room james" my Parents shouted.
by Thekittylivestonight! June 27, 2014
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Oh for fucks sake. "parents ruins are lives." "they are fucking idiots that ruins kids lives." Let me ask you this, did they really ruin your life? I didn't think so. Parents will be parents and believe or not, they love you. They will be asses at times and will be your best friend at times. They will scold you like hell at times and they will be proud of you at times. My parents are pretty strict, and i hated them sometimes. But then i realized how much they have supported me, and am glad that they are strict. Love your parents.
Normal person - "What did they do to you?"
Idiot - "They grounded me for skipping school for 4 weeks and for raping my teacher. LIKE WTF ITS OBVIOUS THAT THEY ARE TRYING TO RUIN MY LIFE."
Normal person - "Goodbye."
by Someone with an IQ above 130 September 22, 2007
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The people who brought you into this world. They may suck at times but at least they love you, and if they don't I can't help you there my freind. Be lucky you have parents or you would be on the street or and orphinarium, like I grew up in, until I was adopted by foster parents. So all you people that say parents suck ass and never do anything for you, SHUT THE FUCK UP AND STOP WHINING LITTLE CRYBABY BITCHES!. There's alot of children starving on the street, besides food, don't you think they want a home and someone that loves them?
Kid one: My dad just bought me an xbox 360 yesterday and now he is being an asshole, I hate that mother fucker.

Kid two: I wish I could get a 360, I saved up my money and got a playstation.

Kid one: Dude playstations suck ass, why didn't you just ask your dad for one?

Kid two: I don't have a dad.

Kid one: What about your mom? Couldn't she get it for you?

Kid two: My mom never got me anything exept for this cool watch, she got it at wal-mart.

Kid one: Wow you guys must really be poor.

Kid two: Ya, we don't have much.

Kid one: Well cyaz, I'm gonna go play my new xbox 360.

Kid two: Bye, asshole.... I wish I had nicer parents...
by Sniperm0n May 24, 2007
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people who you love and adore,even if they can be a real pain sometimes. They love and care for you too and they deserve an "I love you" every now and then because you our their little angel and the one thing that brightens up their day. It's not fair to just say you only use them for some extra cash or rent because they brought you into this world and they love you more than you'll ever know.
"I've decided to enroll at UCLA. I know I'll make it with my scores,records,and extra curricular activities."

"That's great! We'll support you every step of the way. We find a way to pay your college funds and everything if you make it. Not only that but we'll be so proud of you."

"Thanks...you're the best parents in the world"
by XTITANX June 28, 2006
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The people who paid in blood sweat & tears to raise the author.
by Mummy August 17, 2003
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The annoying people in your life that annoy the living crap out of you and force you to do things you don't want to do. Then they have the NERVE to stand back and say ''why does my kid rebel so much?''. MAYBE if they'd let us have some FREEDOM we wouldn't rebel so much, and the more we rebel during our teenage years, we grow up to be crazy drug addicts who go out and have the fun we weren't allowed to have when we were kids.

Thanks parents for making us hate our lives.
''Parents are annoying as hell''.
by thegirlnextdoor23 September 05, 2011
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Utter abominations that disgrace this world. Think they are the almighty power above their children, just because they gave birth to you. Pretend to love you, then just want you dead.
Parents: We are like the NSA and FBI, except we live in your house!
by Le Frenchy Frencher April 18, 2014
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