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People who gave birth to you.

They also ruin everything that's fun and can't come up with reasons for their arguments.
Kid:Can I go to a party
Parent:Because I said so.
Kid:What the fuck!?!? That's the shittiest answer ever!!!!1!!!1one!!!!1!!!
by Nobody knows who i am March 22, 2011
The majority of the people who posted a definition about Parents basically wrote "IDIOTS WHO RUIN OUR LIVES!!!1". Are you fucking kidding me. Something you idiots are not mature enough to understand: appreciation. You idiots have a computer. A house. A bed. Clothes. Food. Who gave you those things? Your parents. Believe it or not, they love you. And no, they do not 'pretend' to love you. I bet your asses that when your parents die, you will cry and cry and cry and realize how disrespectful how you were to them.
Sure your parents can be unfair and idiots at times, but everyone can be. There is no one in this world that is completely perfect. So please, grow up a bit more and start to realize the importance of your parents.
Parents will be parents.
by giant person September 22, 2007
The people who work their asses off to provide a roof over your head, all the food you eat, the clothes on your back, and all your spending money, only for you to act like a whiny spoiled brat and bash them on the internet.
Helping out with the household chores is not asking for much. YOU go to work for 8-12 hours a day and tell me how much YOU like having to clean up after everyone.

They are not there to ruin your lives. A parents job is trying to raise you so you can deal with life on your own. All those rules you don't like, well guess what? Adults have rules we have to follow to (they're called laws). And speaking of laws, when you get in trouble with the law, we are held responsible for YOUR actions.
So, shut up and cut your parents some slack.
When all of you whiny, ungrateful brats are grown up and have a family of your own, you'll realize your parents were not that bad.
by 13375ki115 March 19, 2012
People that teens love to whine about, even though they are probably just normal people and the teenagers are whiners. Seriously, they should be glad that the parents have cars and jobs, have money, never let the kids go hungry, give a shit about their kids, worry about them, and love them. My parents were the opposite, and I always hide it when I'm around people, but whneever I hear people whine about their privileged lives and nice parents I want to rip my hair out.

Parents can sometimes abuse their role, and ruin their children's lives, i.e doing selfish things like suicide attempts and taking their children out of school. These are the really bad type of parents, because not only do they not care about the kid, which is bad enough, they actually strive to make the teenager's life miserable.
Jamie has nice parents.

Nikita's parents tried to kill her in the middle of the night.
by Angelacia June 14, 2007
(1) normally 2 people who fuck and end up having a child they do not want and wish to make the lives miserable of becuz they are pissed they no longger have feedom.

(2) The ones who say they want the best for and tell you they want you to make your own decisions for your life, but when you do they get pissed and ground you and take everything away becuz you didn't take their advice or they are just fuckin jealous assholes, becuz you have more then they had when they were kids!
My g/f parents fuckin dicks! You took her away from me and now I will royaly fuck u up bitches!
by Daniel October 20, 2004
People who claim your childhood and make your life hell.

They can be fucking assholes sometimes and perfect angels others.

Make sure u clean yr room!
"Clean your fucking room james" my Parents shouted.
by Thekittylivestonight! June 27, 2014
The people who walk inside your room and make you lose in a video game because they want you to clean up their shit
My parents walked into the room and told me to clean up their smelly shit they left on the floor for me to clean up just to make me lose call of duty.
by fluffypenis June 25, 2014