people in this world who are forced to set rules and make their child life miserable because they have nothing better to do
Man, my mom won't let me go to the party...damn parents.
by christy February 22, 2005
People you suddenly grow very fond of once you don't have to see them every day.
Teen: God, I hate my parents. I wish they'd hang themselves.

Older Brother: Don't worry, you'll be tolerate them pretty well once you rent your own apartment.
by NG14916 February 19, 2011
The ones who you will love as kids, hate as teens and miss as adults.
I will always love my parents.
by Heyyohh May 13, 2012
noun- people that talk too much when you are trying to leave
Can I go now? Gosh! Your being such a parent
by Bambie3223 October 28, 2010
People who will literally love you to death.
Parents: We do it because we love you!
You: *dies*
by righthere October 25, 2006
Those who pay your way, take care of you, teach you how to be an adult while getting no respect in return; someone who will care for you until the day you die even when you are immature and act as though you know everything; one who waits patiently until you grow up and realize how stupid you were as a child
Child: Im going to go on Urban Dictionary and submit a definition of parenting to show my parents how it is!
Parent: Move out, get a job, pay for your own computer and internet and show me how it is!
by OneDayYoullLearn April 01, 2012
The people who bought you the computer with the internet connection so you could whine about them.
Girl: OMG I hate my parents, they didn't buy me that 2,000 dollar pair of jeans!
by Jackers July 05, 2006
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