People who gave birth to you and FUCK up your life!!!!
Like my parents... There divorced and their still fighting and yelling at eachother over the phone!!!!
by Shorty10 July 10, 2008
Two (usually) people who were screwing around and either forgot the condom, or it broke.
My parents said I wasn't an accident, but a mistake
by ignoramus April 01, 2006
1.the people who act like they own you and can ground you whenever the fuck they want for no reason

2. the assholes who take your hard earned money out of your bank account to give to your older sister. because your money was just "sitting in the account anyways"

3. people that use the "because i'm the parent" excuse
kid:mom i got a B on my test!!!
mom:you're grounded!!
kid:but why?
mom:because i'm the parent
by kissmysass1 January 26, 2011
1.Things that suck

2.Things that you put up with for 18 years

3.Things that live to embaress you

4.Things that YOU become =(
Parents - Do your homework kid...
by MrSpiffy October 03, 2009
The only thing between you and an endless shitload of porn
Your parents could you again man, you will loose your computer
by aaron April 19, 2005
The people that every child hates, whether they say so or not. The only ways of escaping them include dying, turning 18 and buying a house, or simply running away. The last one is not reccommened.


• They think that they know everything about you, including your food, music, movie, personality, and sexual preference. Once again, they're always right, even when you're obviously nothing like what they say.

• They believe that they reserve the right to automatically win any arguement of their choosing. When the far greater majority believes the oppsosite of what they say, but is comprised if children, the parent/s can automatically win and end the argument by saying "ENOUGH!" or "too bad", and nothing else can be said about it without serious risk of getting grounded or being ranted at/dismembered. This goes for anything else they say as well.

• They will often embarass you in front of your friends. The parent/s will often claim that they "forgot" or they "won't do it again", despite the fact that even they know that that isn't true. Every person has at least one story of this.

• Nearly every father will attempt to crack a wisey/pun/obviously crappy joke to your friends. Said friends will either pretend to laugh and then secretly shun you, or just drop you and not hang out with you.
-Parents: Hey son! You know that 2+2=5?
-Child: Actually, we all know that it's 4...
-Parent: *swears under their breath* AHA, but I was just testing you!

-Parent: Come on son, let's go to the P!NK festival!
-Child: *honestly* AWW DAD, I hate P!NK! You take me every year and I never enjoy myself!
-Parent: Yes you do, you just haven't given it a chance. Now shut up.

-Child: Dad, can I go to the party and play HALO?
-Parent: No you can't! Those things are bad for every part of you! You are never going to a party! EVER!
-Child: But dad-!

-Child: Now don't say anything, just drop me off at school.
-Mother: Sure thing darling.
-Mother: Now don't forget darling, we're going tampon shopping on the weekend, and you can get that pink fluffy SESAME STREET one you've been gasbagging about! I love you honey-poo!

-Friend: Ms. Smith, can I have an ice cream?
-Mother: Sure thing, kid!
-Child: Mother, may I have an ice cream, please?

-Child, thinking: Man I hop dad doesn't show off his legendary humour skills...
-Father: HEY KIDS! Why did the chicken cross the Mobius Strip? TO GET TO THE SAME SIDE!!! *cracks up* Man I'm hilarious! Eh, kids?
-Friends: No, we're gonna beat up your child which we used to be friends with now.
by -ANON379- June 24, 2011
The people who had sex to make you
I think it's pretty hypocritical that my parents won't let me have sex, because they obviously have.
by Tikibarberfan September 30, 2010

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