1) The coupled adults that give birth or adopt a child.

2) The coupled adults that tend to have misconceptions and arguments on how to manage the lives of youth, attmepting to restrict freedoms, rights, privileges of their biological and/or adopted children in what they consider to be the "best interests" of the child, regardless of age, sex, creed, or legal standing.

3) The coupled adults that agree that no matter how logical or ethical their biological or adopted child's decision may be, they still know better than said person and have no duty to listen to or understand the point of view of that person regardless of age, sex, creed, or legal standing.
1a) John and Jane gave birth to Billy and they are his parents.

1b) John and Joe (or Jane and Joan)adopted Billy and they are his parents.

2) John and Jane have told Billy he is grounded again because he got a B- on his last test. Billy believes he can't leave his room because his parents said so.

3) Although Billy loves Susie and has gotten her pregnant at the age of 21, his parents agree that he cannot marry her because it would look bad for his parents if Billy marrid such a trashy whore.
by RDRR May 11, 2005
Parents that make your life living hell until your 18, blame you for everything in the world that goes wrong, makes sure that you have no fun what-so-ever, never let you out of the house without them being attached to your ankles like a ball and chain.

And: People that HATE teens.
And: People that dont give a rap about how YOU feel.
teen: dad....can...i...
Dad: No time, No gas, No money, No care.
teen: thats getting a little old..
Dad: No.
Teen: how would You like to wake up tomorrow dead?
Dad: go to your room.
Teen: sons of mothers Dad just listen!!!
Dad: dont use that kind of languege!
Teen: What Lang!?
Dad: Go to your room.
*teen walks up stairs and off's himself/herself.
by rthgrtgrtg April 07, 2008
Those people who you wish would shut up and go away forever, except without them you wouldn't exist.
Parent: Did you take that Coke?
Kid: No dad!! I swear.
Parent: Then where did it go?
Kid: You took it!!
Kid: But I am telling the truth.
by parents suck May 17, 2008
The only thing stopping you from living life and learning from your mistakes. They take away your freedom for no reason and never let you do anything fun. They're nosy too so you have to keep a billion secrets from them.
Joe: Dude, why cant you come to the movies tonight with me, Lauren, and Vicki??

Billy: My parents grounded me for not calling my grandmother on her birthday. Laaame. They also think Im gonna get someone preggers so I cant hang out with girls.
by spazzimagee123 May 29, 2009
Those Whom Which Have Birth To You.
Those Whom Which Own You, And Everything You Possess Until The Age Of 18.

Okay, So Those Are The Basics That Everyone Can Agree On. Now Here The Part In
Which I May Get Some Downs For. I Don't Know If I Can Trust Peoples Accounts In The
Other Defs. But Hopefully, This Is What Defines SOME Parents.

Those Who Emphasize The Fact That They Own You, That You Have No Rights Under Their
House Until The Age Of 18.
Those Who Threaten You About Your Future And Constantly Go On Mad Tirades And Lectures
In Which Have No Actual Point.
Those Who Take All The Money You Have Or Get (From Any Source) And Freely Use It As
Their Own.
Those Who Lie To You Just To Make You Quiet Or A Obtain The Moments Peace.
Those Who Yell At You For Being Late, If Not Then Screaming At You For Not Being Early.
Those Who Have A Lot Money, Don't Spend Their OWN Money, And Find A Way To Get More Money
Regards Of The Risks And Events In Which They Will Cause.
Those Who Constantly Brag About How They Are Superior To You, In Every Aspect Of Life
And Always Pass The Blame To You In Front Of Their Colleagues.
Those Who Bombard You With Constant Statements About Your Friends Or The Names Of Anyone
They Come Across That Are Related To You Of How They Will One Day Betray You Until You
Are Paranoid And Have No Idea What It Was Like Being Naive.
Those Who Say They Love You, But Before You Can Open Your Mouth Have Already Back Stabbed
Those Who Are Uncomfortable Seeing His/Her Child Do Nothing (Or Play) While They Are
Working Themselves.
Those Who Let Off Their Steam, Built Up On The Weekdays, On You Every Saturday
Those Who Can Start A Bitch Fest From ABSOLUTELY NOTHING Despite The Fact That You Have
Said NOTHING AT ALL And Have Done Nothing Wrong Today.<Proven By Yours Truly.
Those Who Believe That Time=Maturity, Not Experience=Maturity, Because Otherwise,
Kids Would Be Equal To Parents, Which Is Considered Absurd.

Well, That's It! =P Now That I'm Scrolling Up From The Text Box, I Noticed That
I Was Flaming...I Don't Know, Maybe I'm Still Blind And Totally Oblivious To My
Parents True Intentions. Maybe I'm Still Ignorant And Naive And Haven't Seen The
Light Yet. Then Again, There's Still Time. Still Got 5 Years Till My Parents
Legally Have No Ownership Of Me. Jeez, Sure Let Off Some Bitterness There.
Just Open Your Eyes. I'm Sure Anyone Can See What I'm Talking About. Then Again, Probably Not. =P

And Just Because I Have To Include The Word Of The Def, Here It Is: parents
by whatismyname February 24, 2007
The people that make you then try to control you. You MAY or MAY NOT like them. Unless you wanna become a social reject i suggest you rebel AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. Between curfew and making u look stupid as hell i think you'd agree with me.
My parents made me a social reject my entire life. When i was a kid they made me dress in cheap ass clothes that were undersized and beat up k-swiss to school. (Im BLACK what tha fuck do i look like wearin a fuckin moldy v-neck!?) When i told them i was bein picked on they basically told me to "shut the fuck up". (imagine spending 10 years of your life feeling/looking like crap while your step-mom precedes to spend your DAD's money to buy a fuckin house an 2 cars)

When i finally did start to make "friends" (when they werent insultin me) my peoples would make gay ass rules like be home at 9 (never mind the fact that your avergage MIDDLE SCHOOLER comes home at like midnight these days) yeah way to turn me into the group's killjoy.

Now that im a teenager i gotta get a job n i cant/shouldnt be askin them for money. OK, Thats cool but HOW DA FUCK ARE YOU GONNA MAKE A FUCKIN 16 YEAR PAY YOU BACK FOR INSURANCE THAT THE GOVERNMENT MADE YOU PAY FOR.

In conclusion, while parents may feed you n give you a place to live they can also turn you into a low selfesteem havin piece of shit

When i move away im GONE for good....
by damn assholes.... July 21, 2008
People who gave birth to you and FUCK up your life!!!!
Like my parents... There divorced and their still fighting and yelling at eachother over the phone!!!!
by Shorty10 July 10, 2008

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