The people who paid in blood sweat & tears to raise the author.
by Mummy August 17, 2003
Oh for fucks sake. "parents ruins are lives." "they are fucking idiots that ruins kids lives." Let me ask you this, did they really ruin your life? I didn't think so. Parents will be parents and believe or not, they love you. They will be asses at times and will be your best friend at times. They will scold you like hell at times and they will be proud of you at times. My parents are pretty strict, and i hated them sometimes. But then i realized how much they have supported me, and am glad that they are strict. Love your parents.
Normal person - "What did they do to you?"
Idiot - "They grounded me for skipping school for 4 weeks and for raping my teacher. LIKE WTF ITS OBVIOUS THAT THEY ARE TRYING TO RUIN MY LIFE."
Normal person - "Goodbye."
by Someone with an IQ above 130 September 22, 2007
Parents are The hands that plant a seed in the garden of love. The love is everlasting and the provider of life (necessities). They provide the nourishment to fulfil hunger, the water when your thirsty, the patience, commitment, shelter and sense of security to their children. Parents are the guardians that support growth, progress, all of which is provided without limitation of disappointment, frustrations, or individualism. The parents are the foundation of the tree trunk until you branch off on ur own. However, regardless of their physical presence, they remain the foundation to which u grow. When the parents' physical existence become absent, the children are the representatives they leave behind in this world. Parents are defined differently to each individual. Parents can be blood related or not. Parents are the Guadians of their children.
Child : "my parents are my guardian angels"
by B3.YOU.T4L March 31, 2015
People who had took their sweet 18 years from their lives to raise their children to become better in life, and care for them and will basically break their necks to help them.

People in do not see this, and think parent's ruin lives, but let's put it this way: When they die, you will be in tears because you remember the times they were protecting your asses and making sure you can at least get a good job at McDonald's earning something than nothing.
I wish my Mom can be there for me, but she's busy making my adult life better.
by Psychomoonlight April 29, 2005
(1)The biological mother and father of an individual that will influence you early on in your life.
(2)The people who have an huge impact on your early life and influence your tastes and how you act.
(3)Commonly referred to as uncool, evil, fascists that try to ruin your life, when they in fact are trying to raise you.
(4)Constantly bitched about by ignorant, self-absorbed, rebellious adolescents.

Just remember, they didn't have to get together, have sex, and give birth to your stupid ass.
(1)My parents smoke, so I should smoke too.
(2)Similar to above.
(3)David The Rebellious Teen:I hate my parents. Wha-wha-wha. They suck and should die! I don't need them, I'm better than them!
(4)Same as above.
by Pheimos December 27, 2008
people who, however annoying they sometimes may be, attempt to protect their children from becoming assholes like you.
my parents didn't let me party when i was younger, and look at me now! i'm not a cokehead and i have a real job. thanks, mom and dad, you actually don't suck.
by jayyy ( : August 18, 2008
The people that take care of you, love you, and hope for the best for you.
Without parents, who would take care of us?
by Anonymous July 19, 2003

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