1) People who think a "normal teenage social life" involves studies and chores.
2) People who think a drivers license is a "go out and pick so-and-so up from practice/supermarket shopping" license.
3) Someone who thinks the stories and problems you tell them in confidence are fun things to share with friends and family.
4) People in the previous generation who believe nothing has changed since they were teenagers.
5) People who believe school vacations/ weekends are one of the following: family time, chore time, study time, homework time, "let's go do something I want to do" time, "let's wake up earlier than you would on a school day to get an early start" time.
6) People who can vote but still manage to screw the country over.
7) People who want us to form our own opinions as long as they influenced them.
8) People who don't care about global warming, greenhouse effect, extinction, nuclear war, or the world going to hell because they figure they'll be dead before the worst of it happens.
9) The people who think we should have censors on our music when all of theirs talked about rape, sex, and drugs.
10) The people who have 3+ kids when they can barely handle 1 and say they had the others by "accident."
11) Someone who thinks it is appropriate to come on to campus looking for you because you have taken more than 3 minutes to get to their car.
12) The people who you work for without pay and knew parenting was a hard responsibility but still expect something in return.
13) The people who say grades don't matter as long as it's your best, but get angry if you get a grade lower than an A-.
14) Someone who thinks long hair is unacceptable when they walked around with mohawks and fros.
15) Someone who thinks spending MORE time with them is going to fix your relationship.

I can't go to the party tonight because my parents need me to come with them to shop.
by RDCM October 25, 2007
The majority of the people who posted a definition about Parents basically wrote "IDIOTS WHO RUIN OUR LIVES!!!1". Are you fucking kidding me. Something you idiots are not mature enough to understand: appreciation. You idiots have a computer. A house. A bed. Clothes. Food. Who gave you those things? Your parents. Believe it or not, they love you. And no, they do not 'pretend' to love you. I bet your asses that when your parents die, you will cry and cry and cry and realize how disrespectful how you were to them.
Sure your parents can be unfair and idiots at times, but everyone can be. There is no one in this world that is completely perfect. So please, grow up a bit more and start to realize the importance of your parents.
Parents will be parents.
by giant person September 22, 2007
People that teens love to whine about, even though they are probably just normal people and the teenagers are whiners. Seriously, they should be glad that the parents have cars and jobs, have money, never let the kids go hungry, give a shit about their kids, worry about them, and love them. My parents were the opposite, and I always hide it when I'm around people, but whneever I hear people whine about their privileged lives and nice parents I want to rip my hair out.

Parents can sometimes abuse their role, and ruin their children's lives, i.e doing selfish things like suicide attempts and taking their children out of school. These are the really bad type of parents, because not only do they not care about the kid, which is bad enough, they actually strive to make the teenager's life miserable.
Jamie has nice parents.

Nikita's parents tried to kill her in the middle of the night.
by Angelacia June 14, 2007
noun- A mother/father of the child.
adjective- Someone who acts controlling/paranoid, usually for safety/wellbeing, and usually has good intentions
noun- "Who's the guy who looks like you?" "My dad. He's my parent."

adjective- "WAIT! Wash your fash first! You can't go to dinner like that!!!" ... "WAIT! Don't open the car! The alarm might go off!!!" "T_T Stop being such a parent."
by xiflippeduoffx October 20, 2011
The people who brought you into this world. They may suck at times but at least they love you, and if they don't I can't help you there my freind. Be lucky you have parents or you would be on the street or and orphinarium, like I grew up in, until I was adopted by foster parents. So all you people that say parents suck ass and never do anything for you, SHUT THE FUCK UP AND STOP WHINING LITTLE CRYBABY BITCHES!. There's alot of children starving on the street, besides food, don't you think they want a home and someone that loves them?
Kid one: My dad just bought me an xbox 360 yesterday and now he is being an asshole, I hate that mother fucker.

Kid two: I wish I could get a 360, I saved up my money and got a playstation.

Kid one: Dude playstations suck ass, why didn't you just ask your dad for one?

Kid two: I don't have a dad.

Kid one: What about your mom? Couldn't she get it for you?

Kid two: My mom never got me anything exept for this cool watch, she got it at wal-mart.

Kid one: Wow you guys must really be poor.

Kid two: Ya, we don't have much.

Kid one: Well cyaz, I'm gonna go play my new xbox 360.

Kid two: Bye, asshole.... I wish I had nicer parents...
by Sniperm0n May 24, 2007
The reason my life sucks right now
My parents are assholes.
by Lewa February 10, 2015
The people who paid in blood sweat & tears to raise the author.
by Mummy August 17, 2003
Oh for fucks sake. "parents ruins are lives." "they are fucking idiots that ruins kids lives." Let me ask you this, did they really ruin your life? I didn't think so. Parents will be parents and believe or not, they love you. They will be asses at times and will be your best friend at times. They will scold you like hell at times and they will be proud of you at times. My parents are pretty strict, and i hated them sometimes. But then i realized how much they have supported me, and am glad that they are strict. Love your parents.
Normal person - "What did they do to you?"
Idiot - "They grounded me for skipping school for 4 weeks and for raping my teacher. LIKE WTF ITS OBVIOUS THAT THEY ARE TRYING TO RUIN MY LIFE."
Normal person - "Goodbye."
by Someone with an IQ above 130 September 22, 2007

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