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Parentnoia is the irrational fear parents have that their children are doing something wrong, or being hurt in some way.
Any time Jenny when on a date her father was filled with parentnoia.
My dad won't let me have the car for the weekend. He's parentnoied I'll break something.
by Ian Reynolds June 07, 2005
when parents don't let their children do anything, and are afraid of everything in the world, because their baby might catch a cold, or fall down, etc.
The mother absoultely FREAKED OUT when another toddler grabbed her child's juice box. "Dont't drink that!!!" she screamed.
She is suffering from a severe case of parentnoia.
by Meadow Soprano September 29, 2007
The state of limbo in waiting for yourself or your sexual partner to get her period. Symptoms include restricted spending, diminished sexual activity with that partner, typical lowered substance abuse/toxin consumption, and an overall state of tension or anxiety.
Joe: HEY! Buy a round of shots!

Parentnoia victim: Sorry dude, that cougar I took home two weeks ago says she's 1.5 weeks late. We used a condom, but she said she forgot her pill... But I gotta save my scrilla; I'm a little parentnoid.

Joe: Shit guy, you need to chill out on that parentnoia! Let's go to the strip club and take home a stripper!
by testicles...that is all October 03, 2007
A fear of being caught by your parents doing something wrong, even though you are not doing anything wrong.

Someone who has parentnoia is "parentnoid."

Usually diagnosed in the geek of a group of friends.
Dustin: No way, guys! Every time you make me lie and go to Hooters, they find out about it!

Brian: Dustin is so parentniod.
by james008 June 28, 2005
What a control freak suffers from
Boy:You know I love you honey!
Girl:Yeah are all parentnoia over me.
by Lolla July 07, 2005
Being afraid of how your parents will react when you know you've done something really bad...
As the police brought Kyle up the porch steps of his house, he was filled with parentnoia.
by Steta June 29, 2005

The legitimate fear that aprents have about the filthy anti-AMERICAN in the white house seeing to it that their children will be spied upon for a draft and sent to the middle east to be murdered for the creep's power, oil & megalomania.
The bext example is the truth about what has happened since the punk stole the white house.
"So many of my friends' sons & daughters have been murdered becayse of this liar that, I have parentnoia about what they about my little toddlers so they can force them into their invented war."
by REAL AMERICAN June 29, 2005
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