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To Zing (syn: pwn), is to viciously point out flaws, with relentless, uncaring effort. The term "Burn" was overused, and therefore had died. From its ashes rose several new terms, such as Snap, and Zing. To be Zing is bliss, and neverending once you have it.
"Should you need to think about a comeback, or something to retort, it is no longer a Zing, but a common insult".
by Gari August 03, 2005

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a fictional show in the simpsons, in which, it is assumed that people are insulted (zinged) for the entertainment of the audience
Smithers: Kent, I...I feel about as low as Madonna when she found out she missed Tailhook.
Kent: Oh.I'm going to say "Ouch" for Madonna!
Krusty: watching Hey! That's my Madonna gag. That guy stole mygag!
Mel: And you stole it from last Friday's episode of "Pardon My Zinger".
Krusty: Stole, made up, what's the difference?
by A Pitch To Johnny July 13, 2005
what you say when you poke a girl in the eye with your dick
Dude, i totally put it in her eye. She looked at me funny, so I said "Pardon my zinger"
by leowxw October 14, 2010