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Largest private school in NJ, located in an upper-middle class Northern NJ town,Paramus;principal boasts of an abnormally large collection of flags around the perimeter of the building, diverse student body,a large 'bubble' used for sports much like one used in professional sports arenas, and a large weight training facility; generally less snooty than the other North Jersey Catholic High Schools; home to many guidos,wiggers,and several other people who assume themselves to be ghetto fabulous; many residents of P-town, Clifton,Shag-Lawn, and every other Northern town go here; common to see (Tony Soprano) James Gandolfini's dad in the cafeteria serving fries; often goes by the abbreviation "PC";also known as the best high school ever.
I feel like every time I go to the Garden State Plaza I see people in their Paramus Catholic uniforms from
the co-ed uniform company.
by foshizzle February 23, 2005
1. Large co-educational Catholic high school in where else but Paramus. Not exactly the premier Catholic high school in Bergen County, but it does have the bubble out back now. It's kind of overcrowded and is often criticized for that, as well as the astounding number of potheads the school matriculates every year. Mr. Agostino keeps it real though, and if you're really a troublemaker you usually get black-bagged. There's good things about the school like the bus that goes straight into the city (163), and the other bus that drops you off at the Garden State Plaza (756). In literature the school often touts its diversity, and in all honesty they're not lying.

2. Where me and a lot of other people in my town went to high school because the 163 happens to run through my town.

3. Where a lot of Bergen and Passaic County kids go to school either because they prefer the appearance of the PC uniform over the uniform of another school or because they have moderately rich parents and their friends from the next town over are going too.
1. Paramus Catholic is the largest private school in New Jersey and they have "rigorous" admission standards.

2. Yep, it's 7:15 in the morning and a bunch of kids in khaki pants and plaid skirts are standing on a corner. Must be PC kids.

3. Omg i was gonna go to IHA, but thn lyk I relaized PC has a cuter uniform nd lyk my friend Kaylee from Maywood is going thur to soo I told my mom if she made me go to IHA I wuz gonna go psyco nd she wuz lyk ok.
by someone18 September 07, 2006
one of the only catholic schools in bergen county that doesn't have fake ass stuck up douchbags going there. unlike homosexual dominant schools like bend over bergen also known as bergen catholic or butt buddy bosco also known as don bosco. paramus catholic actually has the opposite sex known as a female. (for all of you all boy school students who might not of known about the other gender) paramus catholic isn't the best at sports for the main reason that the student there don't want to waste there whole high school life practicing a sport because paramus catholic students have lives and have friends.
did you hear that Megan fox's new husband was a graduate from Paramus catholic
by windshieldwiper April 12, 2011

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