An illicit second lover.
For the purpose of entering into divorce proceedings this notice serves to make public the relationship between John S. and his correspondent and paramour Jane Doe. John S. is married to Mary S.
by wclay1 August 31, 2009
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secret lover
he has a paramour and shes ruining our relationship!

"I shall return when the day is gone",said the knight to his paramour.
by 54ku124 December 30, 2008
a somewhat archaic way to describe a person of whom you are especially enamored or in love with; a lover. not to be confused with paramore.
if we are seen leaving the party together, people might assume that we are paramours
by Kate Elizabeth February 14, 2008
an illict lover
tom was jenny's paramour
by jayceh November 10, 2008
A significant other, i.e. boyfriend or girlfriend, that resides in your home. Unmarried persons that live together.
He is not my husband, he is my paramour.
by BeckyAH October 25, 2006
paramour is a achievement for completeing the romace chapter in Mass Effect, A great bioware game.
boy: wow i just got the achievement for completeing the romance subplot its called Paramour awsome!
by Spike L April 26, 2008

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