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small burrito
it is meshing together the word burrito and the spanish word pequeno (small) together. allowing for a faster way of saying small burrito.

Refering to a small mexican, a mexican that is not tall
this is a small burrito,

this is a paquito

"wow thats a paquito" aleina said about the small mexican
by iAMtheeepaquito October 01, 2010
Usually used to describe a girl defining that they are cute and/or small
Boy: Hey, Paquito
Girl: awwwww!!!!
by awswimmer0193 July 16, 2008
Noun: Marijuana

Verb: To smoke marijuana
Noun: Got any of them paquitos?
Verb: Wanna paquito?
by paquitoprincess September 05, 2011