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Deriving from the root words pap, meaning to pass wind, and ho, the Americanisation of whore, pappin' ho loosely equates to the phrase "playful slut", as in when one calls a companion a slut in a playful matter, not some sort of mischievous prostitute.

Used as an anyword, it can often be heard as an interjection in place of an exclamation, though it usually refers to a person or group.

The apostrophisation of "papping" is essential.
Norbert: "Karen told everyone I have a cheap dress sense!"
Bernard: "What a pappin' ho!"

Lisa: "Oh look, it's our favourite waitress, Harshy McPappin'Ho!"

Karen: "I'm such a pappin' ho..."
by Council of the Bean May 31, 2006

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