Codename for money, usually money earnt
BadAss: Be at 'you know where' at 'you know when' and ill give you the 'you know what'.
SomeGuy: ok, ill give you the paperwork then.
by [Cyanide] November 21, 2004
Top Definition
Wiping your ass with toilet paper after you take a shit.
I just had the shits. The paperwork took forever.
by Jeremy Gillespie April 25, 2004
Court documents revealing what a prisoner's charges, criminal history, downward departures, etc. are. This is used to determine whether a person is a snitch, child molestor, or other kind of person considered undesirable by other prisoners. The Presentence Investigation Report is the gold standard of paperwork, because it tells everything that the probation officer was able to dig up about the prisoner's life, and details any assistance he may have rendered to the government; but prisoners are often forbidden to have it in their possession for that exact reason. At higher security prisons, people are often expected to show their paperwork within a certain period of time (e.g. a week or a month) or they'll be checked in to protective custody by their fellow prisoners.
"Lemme see your paperwork."
by Tochterlieber March 07, 2014
To be engaged in the act of rolling a marijuana smoking apparatus ("blunt", "spliff", "joint").
Jims doing some paper work, and then we're going to smoke this fat-ass L.

Jim:Excuse me while I finish some paperwork.
by Wolf X Lax 22 July 16, 2010
adj' - Easy or Meaningless.
Substitute for No Problem, cake, butter, or other similar words.
That test was paperwork.
Don't worry about it, just paperwork.
After making a shot in something call out, Paperwork.
Man that team was straight paperwork.
by Justin Elikofer and T-Dub April 19, 2007
What you set your IM status to when taking a shit at the office.
I'll catch you guys in 10, I've got to take care of some paperwork.
by cracker-ass-cracker January 25, 2005
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