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Someone who is real, true to their game; has a real good personality.
She's a paper unlike the rest of y'all...
by Sauni September 28, 2004
7 18
used to say one is on probation/parole
I can't smoke I'm on that paper.
by Loca August 24, 2004
8 19
noun: the divider between male nut sacks while engaging in a vigerious three some
yo billy did you bring dat paper so dat weez can both bang dat bitch liz.
by caseyfish May 11, 2006
5 17
1. Money or dough depending on your situation, u broke, then ur definetley talkin bout this one.
2. The paper for wrapping ur weed, if u got ur (1.paper), see the homie on the corner he'll hook u up but u have to get ur own paper to wrap it, capiche?
Man, gotta go get this (1.paper) off that nigga down the way.

Boy, I got the weed, the least u cuda dun was get the paper, fuck that, I'm out.
by luq'n'bone March 15, 2003
10 23