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one who is only a slut on paper, but their reputation precedes them-don't be disappointed when they are not, indeed, an actual slut.
Mike: Woooo yeah I'm goin over to Angela's tonight! High five!

Tom: Good luck with that.

Mike: What? I'm getting it on son.

Tom: Think twice, that girl is a paper slut.
by violet voltage October 03, 2012
That one smart person in the class that will pass his/her papers around so that people can copy their answers.
Careful about copying from her, she's a paper slut. The paper might have diseases.
by MeGustaOcelots November 04, 2010
Someone who has uncontrollable urges to write or draw and has no qualms about using any near by surface.
Anne: Damn it! James gave in to his paper slut urges and used up all the napkins again!

James: What was I supposed to do? I was out of notebooks!
by cubnake September 14, 2015
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