Someone used and played with like a child's doll; thrown around carelessly after done playing with. Usually to define a whore or slut.
He doesn't really love her, she's his paper doll.
by pnksktlz September 20, 2003
Top Definition
a female only interested in money
She only roll wit him cause of his phat ride...pure paper doll!
by Dirty September 23, 2003
really cool cut outs with little tabs you must be careful with in order to be able to put the clothes on the dolls
usually the clothes have stripes or flowers
i got a new set of paper dolls/
lets cut!
by jerk October 04, 2003
An attractive young woman that may or may not be smart, who is lacking substance. A girl who is successful by society's standards but really has nothing to say. Lacks depth. Oftentimes travel in groups with other dolls.

Those girls are paper dolls. They're all shallow clones.
by PAGAN March 17, 2007
an attractive young woman focused on broadening a altruistic selfworth who pays much attention to her personal appearance and cultivates an upscale lifestyle.
It is not uncommon for a paperdoll to constantly seek out new trends just for the knowledge.
by Priced91 July 03, 2013
A member of an elite group of dolls. Best friends. Made but from one peice of paper. Linked for ever.
She's in the Paper Dolls? NO way. I'm so jealous!
by ShanQUEESta March 13, 2004
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