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A person who talks a lot but doesn't say anything.
You sound like a guy with a paper asshole. You don't know what you're talking about.
by Tom Ferrek June 14, 2004
The little paper reinforcements you used to use when one of the holes in a 3-ring punched sheet of paper got a rip in it.
Dammit, I ripped the fucking paper again..Bob! Get me the box of paper assholes!
by Hookpenis June 07, 2005
Part of the phrase "Man/Woman with a paper asshole."
Refers to someone who talks a big game but fails to deliver. A charlitan, a fraud, a phoney, etc.
I'm finally gonna ask that cute blond chick out.

That sound's like the talk of a man with a paper asshole.
by Sam Panama February 01, 2011
A guy who talks a lot of shit but fails to deliver. I.E a fraud, a fake, or a phony.
Yo Mike R. really thinks he's tough but he ain't shit but a paper asshole.
by Projectpat1983 June 01, 2016
1. Fucking jerk
2. A person who thinks they are so much more important than someone else.
3. A person who thinks that they are above any laws or order.
4. Alternate meaning- fucking asshole.

If you are a paper asshole we know who you are, but because you are a paper asshole you have no idea how much of an asshole you are because, you are a, paper asshole. Hey all you paper assholes, we know who you are and you cant hide you pricks!
1. That guy in my office is a real paper asshole.

2. I cant believe that woman just cut me in line for tickets, she is a real paper asshole.

3. Hello police... yes this is Mike Jones from Oak St, there is a paper asshole in a blue volvo driving up the street at ridiculous speeds. Yes sir, we will respond and beat the shit out of that paper asshole immidiately.

by Cheppo July 12, 2006
The little white gummed holes also known as "reinforcements", that are used when you rip the holes in a three-ring sized piece of paper.
"Dammit Jim, I ripped the fucking paper again, bring me the box of paper assholes!"
by RonMexico June 11, 2005
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