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papal pound(money)

when pope/priest rapes kids and gives them money so they will conceal it and dont tell.

its a nonvoluntary prostitution
that priest gave me $600 so i can buy a gun and kill the priest, at least i will conceal it

papal pound
by njfhfs9 May 27, 2010
What happens to a little boy's bum when you leave him with a Catholic priest.
Oh lord, you left little jack with Father Grabs-a-butt? He is sure to come home sore after the Papal Pound!
by ep PY May 23, 2010
the act of a Catholic priest raping a child.
The Vatican has covered up Papal Pound rings around the world.

No one has been excommunicated for child rape. But, they have excommunicated people for marrying a Protestant. See, the church does have morals!
by FatherOReiley May 23, 2010
When at Church giving thanks, instead of shaking the person's hand, you give them a fist pound instead.
I am a huge germaphobe, so at church i give people a Papal Pound.

Some young punk at Sunday Mass tried to Papal Pound me.

The Pope, Papal Pounded Howie Mandel on the set of Deal or No Deal.
by The Ryne Man October 03, 2009
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