a big, bulky, muscular person that goes to the gym and drinks protein
move out of my way, im a paolo !
by efjay August 13, 2012
Top Definition
Paolo is an epitome of manhood. What you see is what you get. Girls and the girls at heart likes him but his eyes and heart already belongs to somebody else.
That boy is so paolo, i wish i could be like him.
by paolofanatic August 28, 2009
paolo, extreamly hot massive penis and attracts alot of girls, all the girls want to have sex with paolo
omg i wish my penis was long as paolos
by argenty April 21, 2011
the coolest haitian gangsta every. also good 4 the female body. extremely healthy n satisfying.
ooooh dam gurl i want me some paolo. i feel ya gurl. us gurls need some paolo
by Paolo5230 November 21, 2006
Lasagna, spaghetti, macaroni, pasta, fagatini, or anything else Italian!
Paolo! You are always late you lazy Italian!
by goobernaught March 24, 2006
The term 'paolo' refers to an act in which a man steals another mans girlfriend/wife. It is possible for a girl to paolo another girl (steal her man), but the term originates from the previous definition.
Person 1: Teresa has a new boyfriend? What happened to her old one?
Person 2: He totally got paolo'd!
Person 1: Damn son, her new boyfriend is ruthless!
by prestonia July 02, 2012
the act of masturbating upon a reflection on a glass surface such as a mirror or tv screen. derived from the Filipino word "palo" which in English means whip/spank.

History: First used in Obrero suburb of Davao City, Philippines where masturbation as a direct result of a reflection of panties on a blank tv screen occurred.
Dude's upstairs paoloing.
by natataeako March 19, 2009
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