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A girl that is pretty smart, very loyal, loves to drink, having fun is her thing, likes to sleep.
Have you seen Paola yet?
Nah man, she's just shitfaced.
by paohlah May 03, 2009
A girl who is pretty and smart.
a girl name! DUH!
by paola May 17, 2003
The small and loud and cute person. Every 1 loves her. The best and nicest girl around!

Paola? Oh Paola! Everyone loves Paola!
by Midgetic May 30, 2003
A very cool girl with a great personality. Paola's are really sweet, funny, nice, and very pretty! They love desserts, and hate mushrooms. They're very good at correcting people, especially guy's named carlo.
Paola is soooooooooooo cool! Paola's the best!
by duck December 01, 2004
very nice girl with a great attitute usually pretty, smart,short and trusthworthy. Likes to have long relashionships gets along with everyone especially people that start with the letter C. such as Caroline, Carol, etc. She'll have your back if you have hers shell never let you down
very lucky to have a paola in ur life

Go paola
by lindsey Colie July 30, 2008
The most beautiful woman on the planet - Wise, worldly, wonderfully warm & kind. With an amazingly regal mane of hair, luscious lips, and a dazzling smile. Mostly sweet, at times fierce, always loyal, and refreshingly effervescent. Loves manatees and kayaking. Sometimes goes by T'pao.
She's an excellent woman, but she's no Paola
by kscoyote February 02, 2010
The best girlfriend in the world (sometimes also the self-proclaimed best girlfriend), who is hilarious, gorgeous, and absolutely amazing! Some might call her their very own "Holly." She makes life worth living. Her favorite activities include being a beach bum, being born in the 90's, and running along. Downsides: she likes Twitter for no good reason and the Spurs.
You're dating Paola?!! You're the luckiest guy in the world. Too bad about Twitter though.
by Leroy Antebellum March 29, 2011