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The unidentifiable and malodorous contents in the fold of an obese stomach covering the groin area often refered to as a panis. Can range from remote controls, cell phones, small pets, cookie crumbs, the last flight out of denver or even previous lovers. Often moistened by cheezy condiment spread
"Man I would like a bite of that panwich"
by amandahqtpie August 08, 2008
A panwich is a unique combination of pancake and sandwich fillings to enhance a once bland sandwich experience into a whole other dimension of excellence.

Do you like pancakes?
Do you like sandwiches?

If so, the panwich is your perfect panwich.
Bro 1: sup brah? You hungry?

Bro 2: Yea man I'm jonesin for some delicious eats.


All: Thank god. Best idea ever.
by seanjennincorporated August 20, 2012
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