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A synonym for 'taint' or 'gooch,' a panus is the space between the penis/scrotum and anus - thus, the panus.
She rubbed my panus. Gently.
by Fozter November 21, 2008
Pronographic Movies in Bengali
Chal bara aaj panu dekhbo
by dass December 14, 2004
When a penis is detached from its regular place and reattached where the anus is thus creating an extention called a panus bringing a whole new meaning to buttsecks.
Byron: Dude I had buttsecks with a panus
Daniel: A panus?
Byron: yeahh an ass penis!
by Lilo-Pkster July 07, 2010
Another word for the gooch, taint, etc. The region between the penis and the anus
"Damn I'm hairy, I need to wax my panus"
by Cincodinero March 12, 2012
A penis coming out of one's anus
My dick hurt when i sat on my panus!
by Dr. blowjob May 01, 2011
Pain in the Anus!

Yo! Why you gotta be such a Panus!
by Frank Marsh May 13, 2008
penis in the anus
"Damn Nigga!I was banging this ho and she wanted me to panus her raw dog(see raw dog). I said fuck dat nigga! Nigga!
by panusintheanus January 30, 2004