Panty *waist*, idiot. It meansy pansy, sissy, wuss, etc. Implies you wear women's underwear.
You're a wimp, you freakin' panty-waist
by Hiltz November 01, 2004
1. A guy who states he could perform fellatio better than
most women.
2. A guy who seems to know more about dildo's and anal sex
then women.
That panty waste Jfred said he could suck dick better than
most women.
by Lou magnum November 29, 2007
The participation in, and following the instructions of, the "Pretty Panty Exchange" chain letter scam.
Sending anything to the names listed on this chain letter would be a "panty waste".
by Jason Smith December 13, 2003
Well is it "waste" or "waist"???
More often than not, I've seen it written "panty waist" but what the hell does that mean? "Panty *waste*" makes more sense for defining a sissy since it implies that what little manhood he's got in his panties is a *waste*.
either way, PW = sissy
by Mertivsvyna August 15, 2005
a person that is so repulsive that if they were literally sitting in your panties, you would have to throw the panties away because the panties are wasted.
My boss is such a panty waste she cant do anything right.
by W Harris February 02, 2007

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