When a bunch of guys steal girls' unda-wears, only to run around with them on their heads.
It's happened to me a couple of times.
Top Definition
The Act of stealing of Panties by a panty thief.
Panty Raid!! Sound the Alarm!!(Air-raid like siren is heard) Women lock your bedrooms and lockers, the Panty thief is coming!!!! (Air-raid like siren is heard)
The art or practice of someone stealing (even if momentarily) a pair of worn panties from a hot girl he/she knows. Usually for self-gratification purposes.
I waited until Blanca went to bed so i could jump over to her house and retrieve the freshest pair of panties i could find from her laundry basket. Being today's panties the best prize ever :)
by Aries2004 April 27, 2005
A raid into a girls room where one takes her panties. Later, if feeling horny, he tries them on himself
"Dude! What the hell are you doing with those panties from the panty raid in the closet!"
by The Masked Olive Eater February 02, 2003
A must-have experience before you die!
Dude, lets have a panty-raid at the sority house tonight.
by look up in the sky! June 29, 2004
An intellectually stimulating activity that was done by Patrick, Spongebob, and Eugene Krabs (Mr. Krabs).
Patrick: "I guess you're gonna miss the...panty raid..."

Mr. Krabs: "Panty raid? You're talkin' about girls right?"
by Sir Fresh August 23, 2010
When you very sneakily borrow indefenitley a pair/bunch of panties from a girl.
True Story. I go to a private school, and I am the only boy in high school chorus. I almost went to heaven when I went on the beach trip, with all the hot girls, and Emily... But what I did was this: All the girls were downstairs (this is in a private beach house) so I decided to go into Emily's room and... look around a little bit. ^^ I bet that everyone reading this has a good enough imagination...^^
by george August 11, 2005
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