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Also refered to as "pudding of the panties", "oatmeal","cottage cheese" or "sour milk". Describes off colored chunks of vaginal secretions.
After a long hard night of spanking it, yanking it and twirkin it, my boyfriend asked what he felt in my pants, and i replied, "its nothing- just some panty pudding".
by romeo November 22, 2003
24 43
The result of the panty crotch absorbing the moisture of the pussy juice.A thick paste with a mild sweaty smell.It's to die for.
Let your lady spend four or five hours in a mall.Scrap the crotch of her panties with your nail and sniff.
by Jayrod May 24, 2003
293 133
The paste-like substance found in women's panties consisting of sweat, vaginal discharge and cum.
"There's nothing like panty pudding drying to a nice, crusty finish after sitting in your laundry basket for a week."
by Gary Dicksniffer January 01, 2004
110 47
the secretions from a woman's vagina, especially after seeing a hot guy like wally wally
That bitch had major panty pudding after I pulled out my dong at the dinner table
by weasel February 11, 2003
65 33
the vaginal sludge that accumulates in a girl's underwear (especially if she works on a road crew all day)
You should wash your panty pudding out before it gets crusty and sticks together, babe.
by Skankbone November 25, 2013
1 0
see clitty litter
"Is that tapioca? Hmm... tastes like panty pudding to me."
by quimmy boy November 08, 2002
13 41