The act of someone pulling down another person's pants exposing their boxers/ briefs
Today Bill and I made a plan for pantsing John. We did it in gym when he was sagging showing his orange briefs. He was so emberrassed!
by Boxers Dude November 20, 2009
Top Definition
What many high school students will do to fellow classmates if they decide to wear sweatpants. It is far to easy to catch the wearer of the sweatpants off-guard and pull their sweats down. Any other form of clothing on the bottom is not to be messed with.....only sweatpants.
Poor girl decided to wear her sweats today; she's probly going to get......oh, and the pantsing begins.
by Whitney J May 23, 2005
1. to forcefully remove another person pants as a form of embarrassment.
2. same as above except for sexual gratification.
1. Most guys panta other guys to embarrass them, but (2) I pants them to get aroused.
by the pantser March 09, 2005
The act or practice of pulling someone's pants down.
The Seniors and I went pantsing today. The Freshmen never had a chance.
by MP February 07, 2005
To yank someone else's pants down. Usually done in a humorous fashion.
Also reffered to as pantsed.
"Dude, did you see when Mark pantsed Tom? That was hilarious!"
"Jack got expelled for pantsing the principal."
by Danae? at the Disco December 12, 2006
To unequivocally trounce the opposition, most commonly in a sports match or similar. Total humiliation similar to having one's pants pulled down in public.

Australian colloquial slang popularised by radio personalities Roy and HG on ABC Radio.
'Did you see the Wallabies go down on Saturday? What a total pantsing'.
by bertiebeetles March 18, 2009
The act having a girl fit in your pants with you and grinding on each other but not actully getting it in. It could probubly be a succsesfull porno like 2 girls 1 cup.
Pantsing happens when your on level 100 drunk.
by pantser0987654321 October 23, 2010
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