An amazing sentient being whom seems to know all that there is to be known about stagecraft, lighting and technical issues.
Often refered to as: The Great Pant.
by Scarecrow June 05, 2003
very uncomfortable
hey! don't you hate PANTS?!
by mightymouse June 16, 2002
An article of clothing that Colin Farrell seriously needs to take off.
"Oh Colin, take off your pants for me!"
by Colin Farrell's Lover February 27, 2004
material that goes around your legs
i wear pants.
Do you?
by samantha August 09, 2004
stupid, useless item that people wear, in society....... silly city folk...
mr.smith is a queerbag, he wears pants......
by prince pwnage August 08, 2004
1)after some form of midget sex they said fetch my ragy PANTSSS

Words from god in mary 1:2:3:4
You are as ugly as some kind of feces stle pants....

"Pants!!!" he screamed.....(new cool word of the youngens generation)

by Favzer0 April 02, 2005
pants are best kept short. also long.
my pants.
by doctor squidgy gel October 28, 2003
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