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rubbish, no good, bag of shite
you are pants
by mattblackHQ November 27, 2002
The things you wear on yout legs. They protect you from the cold and cover up your underwear, also taken off before sex.
"hey I'd like to get in your pants"
by Kim Fiedler May 29, 2006
panties. A skimpy undergarment generally worn by females over the crotch area. Generally British slang.
I would like to see that girl with her pants off
by benjmaster August 09, 2004
long, wearable garments for covering the leftand right movement stalk (comes in both the edible and non-edible form)
i got pants
by 2 very board people September 10, 2003
Something that gets in the way when your ready to do the bone dance.

Also.. a stupid word reffering to a "pair of pants", which makes no sense because its only one pant, yet nobody says "i bought a sweet pant yesterday", so it doesnt work that way.

I was tryin to fuck this bitch when i was drunk, but then i noticed my pants were in the way >.<!
by Habeeb June 26, 2006
1. Butt cover (gotta keep that thang shiny!)
2. See spongebob.
3. Eccentric headwear.
4. A crap catching device.
1. My butt feels good in these PANTS!
2. Looks like I'm not wearing PANTS today!
3. These PANTS make a fine hat!
4. Aw, dude! I just crapped my PANTS!
by wysiwyg January 09, 2004
An over exaggerating, shiesty, SAE loving wrestling enthusiast
That is definitly pant.
by Pant October 30, 2003
What god invented to assure us that yes, he truly hates us.
Guy:Dude, fuck pants.

God: No, FUCK YOU.
by Captain Dugong November 07, 2007

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