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Panther Piss is MD 20/20 (Mogan David) and ginger ale mixed to taste like fruit punch. But has a kick like a mule.
He got drunk of panther piss.
by mchild4799 January 17, 2009
2 1
Another name for the Mountain Dew soft drink.
Dude, you got anything to drink other than this panther-piss?
by dcfly March 21, 2003
26 26
Mountain Dew
What's the point of Diet Panther Piss? I want the leaded stuff.
by gradynubb November 22, 2010
0 3
the actual urine rendered forth from the actual tip of the actual panther's actual penis.
hey, look at that puddle of pure 100% panther piss!
by superseek December 03, 2003
25 30