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A term used to ridicule the band Pantera and their fans, Formed shortly after the widespread knowledge of their glam rock era. It was also the name of a popular website from 1997 to 2004 which is widely credited as having exposed Pantera's formerly well hidden secret of having been a glam rock band in the 1980's.
Bill "Pantera rules!"
Joe "Panterrible sucks!"
by Mithotyn February 10, 2007
Something that really sucks. Said when you want to indicate that somethin is less than desireable. Thus, somethin that is dominant would be Pantera, while somethin that is bad is Pan-terrible.
Ben: So, did you think that movie was Pantera or what??
Me: No, it sucked, I thought it was Pan-terrible.
by Brazzle June 14, 2006

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