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1. a pansy that has an ass that acts like a bitch
2. a mere pansy that has been shunned by the flower society, poor pansy!
3. a pansy who can't fight for his ass, hense pansy-ass bitch
4. you. you're a pansy-ass bitch, like it or not you pansy-ass bitch. now, get the hell out of my pants (pansy-ass bitch)
Joy: Did you see that guy? Dude, he is a pansy-ass bitch
Gabby: No fuckin' kidding, but not as pansy-ass as you!
Joy: I'll kill you, you pansy-ass bitch!
Eulogy: Here lies two pansy-ass bitches, may god help their pansy-ass, bitch lovin, free-loadin', chip stealin', no-good, rotten, apple-pickin', chicken lickin, dog-lovin, necrophiliac, child rapin' souls.
by you WISH you knew! bitches... March 04, 2005
-Definition, of white men who can't get SUM and at the age of 30 will still be living wid dey MOMMA.
-white men who play card games (i.e POKEMON, YUGIO, GO fish,).

-also, used as a adjective to describe a lowsy sports player
"That fool playing b-ball is a pansy ass bitch!")
by T-MAMA April 08, 2008
man who act like a female (complete wanker)
"pansy ass bitches read the dictionary"
by fo shizzle me nizzle July 12, 2003
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