1. a fag, sissy, homosexual guy

2. Vanity Smurf
Damn it Vanity, you're such a pansy, but all us Smurfs love you anyway.
by Gwen Stefani Grrl February 15, 2004
homosexual, fag, women, fairy, wuss, punk ass hoe, hoe, heifer, hee-haws and hooly hoos. skit skats skanks and scalawags.
in all kevin aka john basedow
Kevin, stop being such a pansy flamer!
by Antwon April 03, 2005
a band-aid used when someone has a fatal or minor injury. does not help with mental illnesses.
Zoe- "ow, my wenis (skin on elbow) hurts"
Cassie- "nuthin a pansy can't fix!"
by thatisonefiestyllama January 22, 2005

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