someone who posesses very unmasculine characteristics. i.e homosexual and possesses "garveyesque" qualities.
"stop acting like such a pansy"
by jenina July 25, 2006
A medical mystery consisting of a person with no spine, no heart, no guts, and no brain.
We've had over forty american presidents, but serveys show that 91% agree Dubya is the biggest pansy among them.
by America Lover July 15, 2004
Synonymous with Zan, Fairy, Faggot.
You pansy ass bitch, stop folding paper.
by Loller1992 February 09, 2010
A dumb person or stupid.
you are such a pansy!!!
by jasmine singh August 24, 2009
a pussy, a wuss, a metro, a really-girly guy
David is such a pansy.
by Lollapalooza March 17, 2005
When a tiny can of beans explodes on a fish.
Jon: Did you just see that?
Jon: What was that?
Matt: That my friend, was Pansies.
by ct2013654 July 03, 2010
1. your very own prez of the U.S. thats right im talkin bout dubya, George dubya
2. any1 who appears to be extremely wimpy, girly, fru-fruish
pansy: wat we cant ride four wheelers, isnt that dangerous???
ryan: shut up u pansy, & just get on if u break ur neck dont worry about it we will call an ambulance .....eventually
by lalathedoorsrule August 04, 2005

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