a boy who acts more like a girl; a wimp, very effiminate and liks to prance around in young girls clothes and outfits; hates all masculine things, prefers soft and frilly items and has no backbone and no desire to be male.
when wearing my prettiest dresses around the house I become the pansy I was always meant to be! yes, I am a lifelong pansy and know the term well.
by BuffyGirl September 14, 2006
The derogatory term for someone who is pansexual.
"OMG she totally just did THREE guys, FOUR girls, AND A GOAT"

"She is such a Pansy!"
by Mike n' Megan September 10, 2009

pan·sy pan-zee
-adjective, pl. pan·sies

Derived from the word Chimpanzee

1. a. Someone who has the intelligence of a chimpanzee and makes stupid decisions.
b. Someone who is weak/unmanly
c. Someone who is crazy, reckless, careless and not sure exactly what they are doing(dumbass). Also See "Donkey".
- Used as an insult, often with the word f*cking in front of it.
Marv from Sin City "Is that the best you can do, you pansies?"
In poker, "How can you go all in with that hand, f*cking pansy"
by GeneYuss September 22, 2007
A person of either gender who has no spine or is generally considered weak sauce.
Don't be such a pansy - "Dawn of the Dead" wasn't THAT scary.
by ginny December 28, 2004
total fag or even a straight guy who is too scared or nervous to be with a girl.

girly guy
a: did you know name was dating her?
B: i know! i always thought he was gay, 'cuz he's such a pansy!

A: i still think he is! he can't even hold her hand!
by soooobey November 24, 2010
An 8th Grade Male Who Attends Middle School,
and thinks he the shit.
Nick: Hey baby, how you doin'?
Destinee: Shut up, you pansy.
Nick: But I'm AWESOME!
Destinee: No you're not dude, don't lie.
by Djb<3AndySixx September 26, 2010
Tony Song; a male who is controlled by ALL FEMALES, especially anneliese and seductive lesbian korean booty aka ashley and ellice?
Tony you Pansy!
Be a man!
by head band March 05, 2007

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