A generally pale boy that lacks masculinity in both physical and social aspects. They are often exceptionally kind and easy to make fun of, for they lack the inherent toughness and jerk-like manner of a regular boy. A pansy also finds himself to have red-eye in the majority of his pictures and is passionate toward being obnoxious and attention-seeking in class.
Kid: Rohan, you're such a pansy! Go be a man for once!

Rohan: *Smiles* ... shut up

Kid: Wow, you pansy. What a lame comeback.
by qwerty043572348950 September 16, 2013
A sissy. Somone who can't stick up for themselves. Somone who runs from a fight. Somone who is lame.
Shut the fuck up and stop acting like such a pansy.
by Strands57 December 22, 2006
usually a guy that is afraid of EVERYTHING. he doesn't like to be in trouble and crys when there is a breakup
WOOW he looks like a pansy!
i feel like a pansy today
by craZYbiTCHwtf February 05, 2009
The amazingly sexy Frankie Iero from mcr used to have a white Epiphone guitar named Pansy.
Then some dumbass MTV guitar tech BROKE PANSY! *SHOCK!* *HORROR!*

RIP Pansy. Frank and all of the Black Parade will miss you forever and always, you always did play so beautifully.
Pansy, Frank Ieros (from mcr) dead guitar.
by Becki the MCR addict November 25, 2007
A mature male, in terms of body and mentality, who cannot handle themselves around females. They panic and start behaving erratically in order to try give a good impression to the female.
He's such a pansy around the school beauty!
by Kingcuong July 06, 2009
1) Commonly known as a delicate purple flower.
2) Informal - A thin, tall, 'male' who is aprox. 17 years of age of Bosnian ethnicity who tends to show "metro" or slightly girly traits.
For more definitions see VEETSACK.
girl 1: "oh my god that guy of ethnic origin checks his hair out like 100 times a day!"
girl 2: "noshit... what a pansy!"
by pansynator September 08, 2008
1. Male homosexual. Used for all types, overtly effeminate (camp) or not.

2. A flower
I know he doesn't look it, but he's definitely a pansy.
by ajax78 October 01, 2011

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