P.S. Someone who has sex with dogs. P.P.S. Or Janet Reno. P.P.P.S. Or someone who's had a lot of Jose Cuervo and decides that the chihuahua next door is lookin' mighty good.

The overindulgence of alcoholic beverages that causes someone to stick their hand into a zebra.
Use of machinery to construct robotic dogs that are utilized in sexual play.
Someone who is attracted to oriental people with the name "Pan."
Someone who is attracted to Rocko (Rocko's Modern Life)
Someone who is bisexual but too much of a hipster to call themselves such.
Someone who is gay and thinks that saying their gay reveals too much so they say they are pansexual when in reality they are just attracted to a person's personality or animals, preferably dogs, or someone who is strongly attracted to pans.
Guy 1: Hey man I thought you were gay!
Guy 2: No man, I'm pansexual.
Guy 1: Well doesn't that just mean that you're too afraid to say you're gay but not too scared to put your hand in a zebra.
Guy 2: Oh ya, that's not gay at all.
by Amanda & Erika December 12, 2007
someone who has sex with dogs or other animals as well as humans.
guy 1: i'm pansexual.
guy 2: oh, so you have sex with things resembling humans like the mythological "Pan" right.
guy 1: ya. pretty much. but i'm not gay.
by dddrycereal December 08, 2007
One who swears that he/she is singularly and uncontrollably aroused by pans.
Sex shop owner: "We got whips, hand-cuffs, feathers, chains, dildos, butt-plugs, cock-rings, joy-buzzers, batons, tasers, axes, machetes, M-16s, SAMs, anthrax-"
Pansexual: "Got any pans?"
by cheddarfloor April 21, 2005
Person who is gay, but doesnt want to be labeled as such, so they classify themselvs as "pan" as to not be harassed for being gay.
Guy #1: No, i'm not gay, im pansexual
Guy #2: Shut up, you're a fag, so just admit it
by Blackbelt Jones November 11, 2005

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