Last hit off a bong or pipe. Original reference a nasty hit which one would give to their friend Pan, or what Pan would give to them.
"Kid take the panner"
"Pan that shit"
by Billy bob thornton the third March 22, 2007
Top Definition
Someone who is relatively big or fat but thinks and acts like he or she is buff or of average weight constantly talking about it. Opposite of pinner.
After his workout yesterday, Aydean acted like he was so ripped. He's not even under 300 pounds. What a panner.
by cooltool1234 January 17, 2011
Also known as a moist vagina. One may use this expression when excited about a certain situation.
'Oh yeh, that is panners'
'Panners min' (Scotland)
by Blueymoist January 23, 2007
an expression of sexual excitement also used in reference to the sound of the vaginal lips as they clap together when a woman walks. As explained below there is the shouting of the word and the accompanying hand action of clapping at crotch level to denote such gammon hangers.
loudly: "PANNERS MIN!!"...clap clap clap
by nelly365 January 29, 2007
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