panic at the disco are seen to be emo but alas that is not true for if they were i would not bother to listen to them.
Panic! at the disco = mighty good band worth listening to.
em: "simon, have you heard of panic at the disco?
simon: "ahhh McNo, are they McGood?"
em: "they go beyond good"
simon: "McCool"
by emmo (not emo) August 15, 2006
straightest band alive
panic! at the disco are seriously so fucking straight. like, for real.
by george ryan ross iii April 02, 2011
panic at the disco is an awesome band who has been around since bout summer 05
they get heaps of crap from 'emo' haters
even though anyone who knew anything about P!ATD would know that theyre NOT emo.
so before u judge them plz listen to them
also loved by preps/posers who think P!ATD is 'HAWT' who ahve only heard i write sins not tragedies
i mean ur not 'poser' if u havnt been a fan of P!ATD since the beggining but OMG all u 'old' fans should get a life even tho we havnt follwed them as long as long as we kno more than their 4 singles...we arent posers were just NEW fans ok??
btw on their myspace they r officially classed as-rock/big band/techno
poser-OMG i like, totally LOOOOVE panic! at the disco...they r sooo HAWT!
new fan-wats ur fave song by them u even know one of their songs that isnt a single??
poser-ummmm....i write sins not tragedies???
old fan- OMG like neither of u can be fans ive been one the longest n im the only 1 that deserves 2 be a fan of them!
by [...] April 13, 2007
an elctronic- rock band who's really KICK ASS! random fact: their lyrics never rhyme :s
by peoplesuck254 September 02, 2009
the best band in the- oh god no. no no no this can't be happening. WAAAAAAAAAAAAA! WH-WHY DID THE-THE-THEY HAVE TO B-BREAK UUUUUP!?!
The end of Panic(!) at the disco?!! THE HUMANITY
by ~sniffles July 08, 2009
An awesome band hailing from Las Vegas who get alot of crap for their quick rise to fame and for having fans who haven't followed them since they started out.

People, get a life. Just because people haven't been fans since they played for food or whatever doesn't mean they're posuers. Since when did bands start out not to get popular? What idiot says 'Hey, let's start a band and make sure we never get signed and earn money for doing what we love?'

Evil Anti Posuer-Oh My god! You only got into Panic! at the disco recently, you're so posuery, go listen to something else!

by MajinD September 27, 2006
A really good band that has a lot of talent. The lead singer, Brendon Urie is amazing. Not only does he sing, but he plays rhythm guitar, piano, organ, accordion, Techno keyboard, and is also a talented actor. Poor Brendon has a hard time singing live, though. Watch the videos on to see what I mean.
Unlike most bands, they don't have a specific style. I'm very surprised that some people call them emo because their only song that can actually be classified as emo is "Lying Is The Most Fun A Girl Can Have Without Taking Her Clothes Off". They were also influenced by blink-182 which is falsely labeled emo by many people. Instead, they cover almost every style of rock and made their own style by combining pop-punk and techno.
They are sadly given a bad name by poser fans, teenyboppers, and dumbasses who put "! At the Disco" on their MySpace account. I actually once saw "Bowling! At the Disco-182" WTF?
Bowling! At the Disco-182: Panic! At The Disco FUCKEN ROX!!! THERE LIKE MY FAVRIT BAND!!!:D
Me: Yeah, but you're ruining their image by putting ! "At the Disco" in your name. You're also ruining Bowling for Soup and blink-182.
Me: I listen to everything, dumbass. that includes Panic! and Bad Religion.
by I LISTEN 2 EVERYTHING August 05, 2006

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