A pop-rock band hailing from Las Vegas, Nevada that infuses a rather wide array of other elements into their songs.

They currently have one album out, entitled "A Fever You Can't Sweat Out" which is split down the middle(this split marked by track 8, "Intermission") with the first containing very electronica-influenced futuristic sounding songs, and the second containing songs that sound older by means of use of vaudeville piano and accordion

The current line-up of Panic(as they are often abbreviated to) consists of:

Brendon Urie-Vocals, Guitar, Keyboard, Piano, Accordian, and organ
Ryan Ross-Guitar, Keyboard, Piano, Accordian, Organ
Brent Wilson-Bass
Spencer Smith-Drums and Percussion

The lyrics are written by guitarist Ryan Ross and are often more reminiscent of prose than traditional lyics or poetry, and contain many allusions to various facets of pop culture, in particular the writings of Portland satirical author Chuck Palahniuk. These allusions include:

-The second track of their album is called "The Only Difference Between Martyrdom and Suicide is Press Coverage" which is a line taken from Palahniuk's novel "Survivor"

-The sixth track on the album, entitled "Time To Dance", is said to be one big reference to Palahniuk's "Invisible Monsters"

-The song "London Beckoned Songs about Money Written By Machines" contains lyrics that start with "Just For the record, the weather today is...", this is verbiage very often used by the narrator of Palahniuk's novel "Diary"

Currently(2006-07) they've developed a large following, due in large part to the success of their single "I Write Sins Not Tragedies". This following is primarily composed of adolescents in the age brackets of 14-17, often the type of people which have widely been given the somewhat-derogatory nickname of "scene" or "emo". And as with most bands associated with, through their own doing or not, "Emo" or "Scene", the band experiences very much criticism and hatred, even if for the fact that these self-proclaimed critics really dislike them for the mere sake of rebellion.
"Panic! At the Disco's next single will be the seventh song off of their album, "Lying is the Most Fun A Girl Can Have Without Taking Her Clothes Off"
by Damien Richards July 11, 2006
Stupid, pathetic, wannabe disco band. Seriously, they should give up.
Fan: Have you heard of Panic! At The Disco?
Me: Yes I have and now I want to die.
by boneriffic March 15, 2008
A shitty band. A bunch of homos that play shitty music in a very shitty way. My opinion, my own shitty entry.

PAtD = Sucks.
Panic! At The Disco is such a bad band they make me want to cut my wrists and kill kittens while burning trees and pissing on the Alamo.
by Rightclicked January 20, 2007
A Las Vegas band, signed by Pete Wentz from Fall Out Boy. Also, a terrible excuse of an "original" band that derives their "theatrics" and "style" from the emo-scene and the Britpop era in the 90s. In other words, complete and utter fucking crap.
Emo girl: OMGZ! Did you hear Panic! At The Disco?
Me: Huh? You mean that band who likes to completely rip off other bands and whine that they're NOT EMO? Yeah. I've heard of them.........and they fucking suck. Now go brood in a dark room and cut yourself, you insignificant, unoriginal pig.
Emo girl: *RUNS AWAY CRYING...
by Madmangoliath November 21, 2006
a really sweet band until...
oh right mtv and the radio played it
a great band with catch words to sing along with until..
o right everyone elsecould join in
a band you listen to a long time ago until
oh right everyone else decided that they were big fans when u have been a fan since 8 or 9 months ago before anyone knew who they were
oh right
hear peoplesongthe classic..i chimed in
and hear people say i love panic! at the disco
and your like im sure youlove fall out boy too
by mzfrombuff June 07, 2006
One of the worst bands to come around in the past decade. They have no musical talent and all their songs sound the same.
Hey, did you hear the new panic! at the disco song.

Fuck no, I'd rather get dirty sanchezed.
by Adam28 September 27, 2006
Uh... Fall Out Boy? Probably.
X1 - Hey, man, did you hear the new Fall Out Boy song?
X2 - You mean the one that goes "haven't you ever heard of slamming doors" or something?
X1 - Yeah, dude! It's so awesome!
X2 - I know. Whoever thought they would integrate synths into their sound?
X1 - I didn't, LOL!
X3 - That's Panic! at the Disco, faggots. Another made-for-MTV band to trick kids into thinking they have a reason to be depressed and feel like elitists for being in on "hip" music.
X1 - Dude... what?
X2 - Yeah, guy, Fall Out Boy rocks.
X1 - That one guy has a pretty sweet faux-hawk too.
X1 and X2 (in unison) - We're both 28 years old and try to pick up 12 year old girls, which comprise 99.9% of Fall Out Boy's/Panic at the Disco's/gay "emo"-"punk" band's fanbase, at these awesome shows. Also, we own iPods because we're so rebellious.

Let's cut the bullshit, people.
by Stop being stupid, please. March 31, 2006
Oh my god, am I the only person with a brain on this website? Panic! at the Disco could be the worst band ever. They are the same thing as Fall Out Boy, but even worse. Their singer has to have the absolute worst voice of all time, even beating the FOB singer. Their lyrics suck huge ass. How anyone likes them is beyond me.
Gay Kid:" I chime in with the haven't you people ever heard of, closing a god damn door?"
Me: "Shut the fuck up before I kill you"
Panic! at the Disco sucks
by stevedawg13 May 18, 2006

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