One of the best bands ever. They combine techno and their own punkrockish sound to make great songs such as:

I Write Sins Not Tragedies
Build God The We'll Talk
Time To Dance
The Only Difference Between Martyrdom And Suicide Is Press Coverage


Lying Is The Most Fun A Girl Can HAve With Out Taking Her Clothes Off
Person 1: Panic! At The Disco is awsome!!!
Person 2: Yea too bad preps and other mainsteam listeners are ruining it....
by Jerrica! March 14, 2006
an amazing band from las vegas..if Fall Out Boy were to make a dance album, you'd have Panic! At the Disco.
Panic! At the Disco is gonna go mainstream..everybody watch.
by bobbina January 10, 2006
a band that has strangeness to them. the "long title names" they are known for, are actual quotes from books, movies, etc. they are known for their strange sound. they have been reduced to brendon urie and spencer smith as of 2009. if you don't like them, its pretty obvious you don't know good music. and this is not coming from a crazy fan girl. or a girl at all. i believe they are or use to be a good band. but adding originality to their music is what makes them a good band. and of course brendons good singing. try getting music like this from your lady gaga kesha justin bieber etc.
Panic(!) at the discos albums are a fever you can't sweat out, pretty odd, and vices and virtues.
by Partaniqatie July 02, 2011
Panic at the Disco is, quite simply, the reason for all existence. These males are superbly attractive in every way imaginable; from Ryan's vanilla deodorant to Jon's Christmas/Sensual Amber smell to Spencer's love of black dress shirts, this band is the equivalent of existing. Each member of the band - Spencer James Smith V, George Ryan Ross III, Jonathan Jacob Walker, and Brendon Boyd Urie - is absolutely, astoundingly, amazing perfect in every way imaginable. Anybody that doesn't agree with said statement shall perish at once. Now, despite what you may believe to be true, there is no exclamation point/mark in the title "Panic at the Disco". It was heftily removed in January of 2008, which was nearly a year ago, so you shawtehz shall CEASE using it, at once. Stupendous lyrics and admirable song titles put Panic at the Disco at the top of every teenager's list. Most of these "fans", however, aren't actually fans. You see, my dear friend, those who think they are fans merely because they find frontman Brendon Urie attractive, shall die in a fire at this time. Those pathetic humans need to open their stupid little eyes and become aware of the fact that other members are in the band, as well; for instance, Jon, Spencer, and Ryan. Each of these males is equally attractive; not one of them is superior to any of the others in any way. Panic at the Disco recently toured alongside Black Gold, Motion City Soundtrack, The Hush Sound, and Phantom Planet on the 2008 Honda Civic tour, which I, Samantha, gladly attended (and, might I say, those males were looking especially appealing on the night of April 30th, 2008). For some reason, most Panic at the Disco "fans" have it in their naughty little minds that "Ryden" and "Joncer" actually exist. I, however, will not believe these rumors until the day the future bearers of my children confirm said accusations; besides, Jon and Spencer are currently occupied by females, clearly named Cassie, as well as Haley. Now that you've finished reading this, do attend the website that is, so that you yourself can witness such musical genius.

Panic at the Disco is, quite clearly, the most amazing band on the planet. They possess beautiful, tasty pimpp juice, indeed.
by Pretty. Odd. December 11, 2008
An alternative rock band from Las Vegas. They are currently signed on to the record label Fueled by Ramen. They're first album is called A Fever You Can't Sweat Out. The band members consist of:
Brendon Urie-Lead Singer
Ryan Ross-Guitarist
Jon Walker-Bass
Spencer Smith-Drums

-Disclaimed's Opinion :D-
Personally, I enjoy the songs on their CD. I think it would be nice to see them live, as I have heard that the band doesn't just perform songs, they literally put on a "show". Although they band is good, one thing that stills leaves me wondering are the lyrics.
Girl 1: Hey have you heard about the band Panic! At the Disco?
Girl 2: Yeah, I like their song Camisado.
by Disclaimed August 24, 2007
Panic! At The Disco is an amazing band from Las Vegas. They are known for their amazing shows and their original songs. They don't sound like any other band, EVER! They are very unique and original. Considered a "scene band" by many.
A few songs by Panic! At The Disco:
I Write Sins Not Tragedies
Lying Is The Most Fun A Girl Can Have Without Taking Her Clothes Off
Nails For Breakfast And Tacks For Snacks
London Beckoned Songs About Money By Machines
by JustMeg June 02, 2006
panic at the disco is an awesome band who has been around since bout summer 05
they get heaps of crap from 'emo' haters
even though anyone who knew anything about P!ATD would know that theyre NOT emo.
so before u judge them plz listen to them
also loved by preps/posers who think P!ATD is 'HAWT' who ahve only heard i write sins not tragedies
i mean ur not 'poser' if u havnt been a fan of P!ATD since the beggining but OMG all u 'old' fans should get a life even tho we havnt follwed them as long as long as we kno more than their 4 singles...we arent posers were just NEW fans ok??
btw on their myspace they r officially classed as-rock/big band/techno
poser-OMG i like, totally LOOOOVE panic! at the disco...they r sooo HAWT!
new fan-wats ur fave song by them u even know one of their songs that isnt a single??
poser-ummmm....i write sins not tragedies???
old fan- OMG like neither of u can be fans ive been one the longest n im the only 1 that deserves 2 be a fan of them!
by [...] April 13, 2007
A term referring to the act of sniffing cocaine off a gay males' buttocks and then engaging in sodomy with him.
Robert: Yo, Corey, you up for a little Panic! At the Disco? A little PATD?
Corey: Oh! Yes please!
by Takethatgrainger June 01, 2006
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