A canny good band.It's sorta dancy emo, without all the normal emo sob stories.
I think Panic! At the disco are quite good indeed.
by QueenOfThePixies March 04, 2006
Panic! is a very good band with a very unique sound. People say they sound just like fall out boy and all i can say is "nay!". While yes some of the songs may sound like they could have been done by FOB, P!ATD does not limit thereself to just that pop punk sound like FOB. If you listen to the entire cd(not just what they play on the radio like most people), then you can hear that P!ATD incorporates pop-punk(The Only Difference...), techno(It's Time to Dance), emo(Lying Is The Most Fun...), ska(There's A Good Reason These Tables...), they even use some piano in one of their songs(But It's Better If You Do). The rest of the songs i really can't classify because they are all unique in their own ways.
Even though they are a mainstream band that all the little 13 year old girls love now, P!ATD should not be listened to until you can really understand the lyrics(Lying Is The Most... is a good example of what i mean). It seems that a lot of songs are based on growing up and the things a person goes through from about 15-16 until marriage and even after that. Like i just turned 18 so It's Better If You Do and Lying... both fit me perfectly at this point in my life. All i can say is P!ATD is a breath of fresh air compared to pretty much everything that is popular right now.
13 year old girl 1: have u heard the panic! at the disco cd yet?
13 year old girl 2: yeah, its so awesome. they sound just like FOB and i love the lyrics.
13 year old girl 1: yeah i love the lyrics too.
Me: Are you fuckin kidding me? They do not sound just like FOB and what the hell do you two know about break-ups, finally turning 18, spending time in the hospital, and do you even know what martyrdom is? FUCK MYSPACE AND MTV!!!
by Shane' July 08, 2006
1. a great punk/electronica vegas band that has had a huge hit with their song-- "i write sins, Not tragedies"

2.What happens when the disco ball explodes at the club.
News reporter: Can you explain to me what is happening here sir?

Disco Club member: awwww man! We were partying like crazy and then the disco ball totaly exploded dude! it woas groovy at one time but now-- IT'S JUST PANIC! AT THE DISCO!!!
by Grif is King!! May 11, 2006
Imagine Fall Out Boy, Taking Back Sunday, and every other popular band ranging from emo to...emo-esque, and then think of a band exactly the same, but with slightly more flamboyant makeup and costumes, and you have Panic! At the Disco.

Obviously everyone ate these guys up-They sound the same as their old favorite bands (which were all crap, by the way) and their whiny lyrics which attempted to be dirty attracted pubescent teenagers around the country. Their crappy hit song "I write sins not tragedies" has such edgy lyrics (like the use of the word 'whore', haha!) and amazing talent that it stayed on MTV's rock song list and whatever other godawful hit list for weeks and weeks, thus proving that if you can sell yourself like a prostitute you can make it big, even if you're an awful band.
Scene Kid: Panic! at the Disco is great! Have you seen their stylish tophats? They're so cool!

Me: Go watch Citizen Kane if you like tophats so much, at least it won't make you want to cut out your ears.
by Keefe I January 23, 2007
The best band ever. Consists of the 4 HOTTEST guys on the planet.
No joke.
If you havnt ever heard of them then get your ass out from under that rock and listen to the best flipping band you will ever hear.
Girl 1: Hey, Kaitlin, are you seriously going to a Panic at the disco concert?!

Girl 2: Yep!

by AlexaKaitlin October 25, 2008
A band composed of cyborgs created by MTV to send subliminal messages which trigger homosexual thoughts in teenagers.
Male Teen 1: Hey man have you heard that new band Panic! At The Disco?!
Male Teen 2: Yeah their lyrics are so catchy!
Male Teen 1: OMG I know dude!
Male Teen 2: What does "poise" mean?
Male Teen 1: Hey let's make out.
by fata1 November 05, 2006
an amazing band from Vegas that their true fans have followed since summer '05. But now all the posers think they like.

Gave us the "let's get these teen hearts beating. Faster, faster."
Panic! at the disco is a scene band that became mainstream like FOB
by Lydia G March 21, 2006
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