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Panetela dutchy refers to a kind of cigar.. A Panetela Dutch Master.
Lit Wayne references them in his song "Wasted" and it refers to using the cigar paper to roll "herbal remedies"
Did you roll a swisher?
No man.. A panetela dutchy!!
#panetella dutchy #panetela dutchie #master dutchy #master dutchie #dutchy
by The Cron Don April 14, 2011
A state of happiness usually used to describe life.

Made famous by Lil' Wayne's "Wasted" song, found on the No Ceilings mixtape.
Bob: hey man, How's it going?
John: everything is panetela dutchy.
#bad #good #happiness #sadness #upset
by Anon7878 February 26, 2010
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