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A disease mainly affecting lazy college kids.

Transmission: One recieves Panerial Disease by coming home from College and getting a summer job at Panera Bread after hearing from a friend what a great job it is. They work there and see how easy it is and how they get large raises routinely until they are making about 11.00$ an hour by the end of the summer. Suddenly they dont feel they need college, that they can make enough money working at Panera. By the time the raises end its oo late to go back to college and get a real job.
Symptoms: Laziness, apathy, shortness of money, erectile dysfunction.
There is no cure for panerial disease.
College Student 1: Why isn't Jeff back for this year.
College Student 2: He went home and caught Panerial disease from one of his friends, now hes stuck there.
by daCAkid May 30, 2005

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