Evocative of the unbending force of fate. One wishes to say "Shit" but it has been predetermined that instead they will say "Pancakes", so they do.
-Bob the Angry Flower
by Ef February 10, 2005
What you basically call a flat ass.
Friend 1: Dude have u seen the new girl, she's pretty hot but she got pancakes
Friend 2: Pancakes, pancakes everywhere
by you all are unicorn farts March 12, 2015
Slang term for boobs.
Richard: How do you like your pancakes, Tom?
Tom: Nice and firm.
by GoodMourning13 July 18, 2010
A very delicious type of food sometimes with chocolate chips!
I am eating a Pancake!
by SodaCrown June 08, 2014
Food, dipshit!
Idiot: what's a pancake, ill look on urban dictionary!

Someone with common sense: are you kidding me, you don't know what a fucking pancake is?! Here, this is a pancake, shove it up your ass
a type of food that is usually eaten at breakfast, and otherwise sold at a restaurant called IHOP (International House of Pancakes)

It is also numerous slang words.

and it is a silly choice on polls for people to select if they do not want to take the poll.
"Do you like Pancakes?
1. Yes.
2. No.
3. Sometimes.
4. Pancakes."
by In_Correct October 24, 2012
The act of spreading your ass cheeks and shitting against the vertical surface
Man, fuck that McDonald's cashier. I just pancaked the shit out of the bathroom walls.
by Fiction520 July 20, 2012
1.) When a woman gets on top of another woman and humps. or When a man gets on top of another man and humps. With whip cream between
2.) A warning word whenever someone says something inappropriate and an adult or someone who could get you in trouble for it is around.
1.) Alexandra, "So, last night I was over at Matillda's house and she got on top of me and gave me a Pancake!"

Sarah, "Seriously?"

2.) Riley, "... and then you put it in-"

Garrison, " PANCAKE! PANCAKE!"
by Swede1984 January 22, 2011

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