Evocative of the unbending force of fate. One wishes to say "Shit" but it has been predetermined that instead they will say "Pancakes", so they do.
-Bob the Angry Flower
by Ef February 10, 2005
when a fat person fucks a smaller person.
i cant believe she lets him pancake her.
by norton scrooge September 13, 2009
Anything and everything. Also, nothing.
Let's do this pancake style.

That's totally pancakin!

You pancake!
by Dixie Root May 16, 2009
A Child molester.
That pancake drove his nissan gtr to work today.

The pancake molested my child today.
by incrediryan February 19, 2009
The art of slapping a girls boob, without groping.
Jared- "Sup, babe. Want me to show you what a pancake is?"
Unsuspecting girl- "Like, duh, its a food! What else can it be?"

*Jared pancakes the girl*

Girl- "You asshole! Oh... wait... ahahaha!"
by TrainedSavior October 14, 2011
(Football terms) When an offensive lineman gets under the defensive lineman and knocks him flat on his back, flat as a pancake.
Quarterback: "Nice blocking today."

Lineman: "Thanks, did you see me pancake that guys ass?"
by Hungry_Jack May 17, 2010
What someone becomes when a fat person sits on them
Dude, that fat chick just made me as flat as a pancake!
by abubba1130 July 17, 2009
1. a homosexual person
2. something you eat for breakfast
3. crack
"daniel is such a pancake!"
"mmmm... these pancakes are yummylicious"
by prssie January 18, 2009

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