1: When a woman, literally or metaphorically, castrates a man. Taken from the act of having your testicles run over with a steam roller. Also known as the "double pancake".
2: Henpecked
"That steam roller pancaked my nuts! Ahhhhhhhhhh!"
"Poor pancaked fool. She's dragging him to that Jennifer Aniston movie."
by ks6621 June 05, 2006
Top Definition
To get dumped suddenly and without reason.
I got pancaked last night.
by x4x4 August 24, 2006
In a football game when an offensive player blocks a defensive player, knocks him off his feet and causes him to fall flat on his back. The offensive player may lay on top of the defensive player to add insult to injury.
Jeff Hartings just pancaked Ray Lewis on that play.
by FlyVinnie July 21, 2008
"Getting pancaked" - an alternative word for getting drunk. Came about accidentally as a typo.
"Ah man she got absolutely pancaked last night"
"I'm going to get pancaked this weekend, it is New Year's after all"
by flashboyfairy February 08, 2010
A sexual act in which a pancake is wiped across a person's asshole and then rubbed on their titties until they come.
I got pancaked so hard last night, my asshole and nipples are rubbed raw.
by Icyndragon October 26, 2015
To switch values
"I thought Johnny Depp wasn't in that movie." - R
"No he was, Orlando Bloom wasn't." - J
"Oh I pancaked them." - R
by landogriffen October 17, 2015
when you get sleepy cause you ate a ton of pancakes.
Dude! I got totally pancaked this morning!
by JacksonSmooth June 07, 2012
The act of talking about breakfast foods, primarily pancakes vs. waffles, online. In a forum, chatroom, etc.
We were having a lovely discussion of Ninja vs Pirate, and then some n00b Pancaked our conversation.
by Benjasaurus May 23, 2008
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