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when sleeping on your side, waking up with a rock steady, red hot morning boner and, rolling over onto your stomach, going back to sleep, sleeping on top of your boner, flattening it out like a pancake.

Sleeping on your boner is only good to do once in a while
Example #1:

Bill (to Steve): fuck me! I slept on my boner one too many times and I now have permanent pancake dick.
Steve:dude, you're only supposed to sleep on your morning boner every other day.

Bill: fuck!
Steve: it's perfect!you have a pancake dick, and your mom has a scrambled eggs pussy! and your dad has a french toast ass hole!
Bill: lets go and throw rocks and some geese!
Steve and Bill: (yelling together) Pancake Boner! Throwing Rocks at Geese!
by shiteater9000 April 15, 2010
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